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Strolls and the Savor the Flavors Combo Tour

We offer a Charleston Strolls History Tour and the Savor the Flavors of Charleston Culinary Tour as a Combo Tour. That means that you will be able to go on both tours for the price of $60, rather than paying for the tours individually for a total of $70. The Charleston Strolls is offered at 10am and 2pm each day and the Savor the Flavors of Charleston is offered Monday through Saturday at 9:30am and 2pm.

  • Charleston Strolls Daily Tour – Tour where carriages and motorcoaches are not allowed as you take a two hour fascinating stroll with stories and traditions revealing Charleston’s rich history and colorful past.
  • Culinary Tours – Experience the Tastes of Charleston! Come join us for an exclusive culinary adventure where you will experience South Carolina’s distinctive food and warm hospitality.

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